Wollongbar, NSW

Bio: I am a Grandfather of 5, a grey nomad and a left wing idealist, activist and radical. I believe in unions and despise liars and right wing politics. I most admire my father, Mr Jenkins, Nelson Mandela and Dr Martin Luther King Jr. I learn from my children and travel the country with my wife, who is my best friend and our two dogs. Every day I am on a quest to finally cure my cancer which, I am very close.

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  1. M. R. said:

    G’day! – you must be almost as old as I am! Listen … explain to me about your site content, doctorrob – senility is creeping up on me apace, and I don’t seem to comprehend if you only reblog or if articles are actually yours. With regard to your cancer, I wish you every last iota of luck in the world; but it will depend upon the kind it is as to the likelihood of your beating it, You know that, so it must be a beatable one! Go for it!

    • No I don’t think you have a problem with senility,I think I’m pressing wrong spot when I want to save a particular item.And I’m 59 yrs young.60 next Oct.Bio. is a bit vague also,Have girl,boy,girl,girl,boy from 40yrs to 25yrs old and eight grandkids.
      Still green at using computer,only started 18mths ago to do emails while traveling,then started twitter and the kids started me not long ago,Facebook.
      Then,so I could write more than 140 units I started a blog site.But I also started it so that info.I find interesting or important I can save.Nothing there at the moment is mine,soninlaw was showing me how to transfer from twitter and u tube but now I have forgotten how.Maybe senility you think?As in the last couple of months I have tried to send various articles to my blog/home site but they don’t seem to get there.So am I posting back to WordPress,is that what you are getting at.Please let me know.
      As for the doctor bit.And thanks for the wishes.Just over 5yrs ago was diagnosed with stage 4 prost.cancer,riddled with metast.the works.Medics said can’t cure,just management.Had 5 doses radiation to relieve strangulated spine region and much morph.While in hosp.son bought me in a book with various protocols to fight back,I have adopted a couple of these plus several I have learned about along the way.I can appreciate it’s a battle,but I can still get around and in the last three years metast.appear to have shrunk Hence,when I started twitter account the daughter suggested doctor,and I liked it.I am not a real doctor,I’m a burnt out construction worker,who was to stupid to listen to his wife years ago when she suggested many times to go and have medical checks,I use to think pain was part of getting older with manual work.How I now wish I listened.
      Hope you don’t get bored reading this,just wanted to clarify everything,and I will somehow learn computer skills.Cheers.

  2. M. R. said:

    BORED? – gimme a break! I’m full of admiration for you – mostly because your family loves you so much. There can’t be anything better than that. This IT stuff is hideously complex … I’m a bit on top of it only because my wonderful, beloved husband, the cleverest person I ever knew, taught it to me after having taught it to himsef. He left me able to manage to some degree, and I consider myself lucky because it allows me to interact with brave and THINKING people like you. The degree of ability you’ve developed after only 18 months is pretty damned good: I’ve been learning about PCs sicne Chic started to teach me … heuuuuuu … minimum of 15 years ago! 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words,encouragement and support,flattery will get you everywhere with me. 🙂
      I am sure the world would be a much nicer place if there were even just a few more people like you in it.
      Thank you very much again,and all the best for the festive season.

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