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Truly one of the very best of people and as a PM.

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Official U.S. Embassy photo by Adam P. Wilson Prime Minister Julia Gillard : Prime Minster 24 June 2010 – 27 June 2013

As one of the most talked about and polarised public figures in contemporary Australian history Julia Gillard can be ranked as one of the best Prime Ministers in contemporary Australian history. While much can be written about the short comings of her government this article will focus on the overly positive and amazing work she did as Prime Minster which is deliberately left out of the main stream media.

As the first female Prime Minister of Australia she has set a new standard for girls and women across the country, that they can achieve what ever it is they want to achieve. Even though the way she came to power is under somewhat of cloud she was able to rise above it and accomplish many things for the nation. As it has been said a record of…

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