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Could never understand how Labor picked Shorten over Albanese.

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Shorten WTF are you doing?

Bill Shorten, Mr 40% Bill Shorten, Mr 40%

When the ALP announced that they were going to change the criteria and allow the R&F to have more of a say, I thought that might be a good start and a new direction for a factional mishmash that was slowly but surely killing itself.

Little did I know!

Albo, Mr 60% Albo, Mr 60%

The fact is, that with around 60% of the R&F voting for Albo, and only 40% for Shorten, the members made it perfectly clear who they wanted, and yet the factions, once again stepped in to make sure their bloke got over the line.

Now at the time, I made my feelings clear, along with a large majority of the R&F, that Albo was the man to rebuild the party and take us to the next election.

I said that Shorten had too much baggage from the last two…

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