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Said the Abbott to the experts…

Talk about a wingnut   :lol:  Talk about a wingnut 😆

As you may have guessed from the title, this is another poem in the “Said the Abbott…” series, and as always, I have tried to cut through the superfluous, to get to the truly flawed thought processes of out illustrious PM and his despicable LNP.   😯

It did turn out to be a bit of an epic   (surely not   😉   )  but I hope, dear readers that you’ll persevere to the bitter end    😀

Said the Abbott to the experts…


Said the Abbott to the experts

All your claims are overblown

Cos we have our own, fine experts

Who are Liberal, and home grown

They tell me what I need to know

Without all of the bunkum

And if you think qualifications matters

Well they haven’t stopped lord Monkton


For education, Pyne’s…

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Australia is a wonderful country and we are blessed to live here.  We have challenges that need addressing but the heartening thing is that we also have the means and the time to do that.

What I do not understand is why our government is telling us we have a crisis and making people feel afraid.

They say we have a budget emergency and that the primary goal of this government is to reach a surplus.  What difference will a surplus make to your life?  It’s a number on a fiscal statement.

They say our debt is increasing faster than anyone else’s.  There is some truth in this in percentage terms (the only time they use percentages you will note) but it is because we are starting from such a low debt.  As I have said before, if I spend $10 this week and $20 next week, my expenditure has…

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