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Like climbing mountains, maths is a marvellous thing.  It is objective rather than a matter of opinion.  It can’t be argued with.  A fact is a fact.

But like many other powerful tools, maths can be used for evil in the hands of the unscrupulous.

Take our present government – please.

On a Liberal Party page called “The Prime Minister – securing Australia’s economic future” our fearless leader makes certain claims.

“When the Coalitions (sic) last left office, Australia had a $20 billion surplus and $50 billion in the bank but over six years, Labor squandered this and ran up five record deficits and a further $123 billion in projected deficits and gross debt headed towards $667 billion.”

Firstly, how many Coalitions do we have?  There is the one with various forms of the National/Country party – are there other agreements I should know about?

Now, how about…

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The Jackson File.The Lying Pig.

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ralph-blewitt It is perhaps not surprising that the Royal Commission into union corruption is to begin the day before the budget is brought down.  In a fortuitous coincidence, Ralph Blewitt happens to be in town, so they are going to begin with the AWU “slush fund”.  That should have Larry Pickering and Michael Smith and their band of rabid followers all agog again…or should I say still.  Agog enough to not notice they are getting screwed by the Budget?  We shall see.

In November 2012 Ralph Blewitt turned up in Australia “courtesy of a man writing a book on the AWU in the late 1980s and early ’90s.”

He told 7.30 that he had provided Victoria Police with a dossier of files “which show documents that certainly connect Julia Gillard to having a hand in the establishment of the AWU Workplace Reform Association in WA, and other matters”.  Mr Blewitt declined…

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Truth hurts.

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Corman says “Trust us”… WTF?

Corman Zombie Corman Zombie

These people are totally shameless, with obvious sociopathic tendencies, as they break pretty much every promise made prior to the election, and then say… “Trust us.”

Now I could rehash the 3+ years of lies and deceit that finally paid off, with the perpetrators of said lies and deceit, the LNP, being rewarded for their dishonesty by gaining government.

Or I could wax lyrical (Surely not   😯   😀   ) about the litany of lies, that was Abbott’s election platform, but the clear pattern displayed by Abbott shows nothing more than a pathological liar, a political thug and a bully, fronting a party of  liars, thugs, bullies and incompetents.

I could also vent my spleen over the illegitimacy of a government that spent years decrying the Gillard gov as illegitimate, because of their (The LNP’s) misrepresentation of “The Carbon Tax” and…

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The facts according to reality.

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I’m growing increasingly and unbearably exhausted by the track one reckless and irresponsible man is taking our country.

The man: Tony Abbott.

A man I would consider to be one of the most destructive and deceptive politicians in our history.

I’ll make my case and you can make your own judgment.

Tony Abbott is dangerous and completely captured by corporate interests.

He’s a populist politician with no policy interest or conviction. A “weathervane” that does and says whatever he thinks he needs to to acquire and keep power.

It’s not just me saying this. Ask those who have seen him up close.

John Hewson, Malcolm Fraser, Paul Keating. The list goes on. Their views are on the record.

I’ve spoken to people who went to university with him. The stories are true. He’s a complete and utter disgrace.

I’m not sure if he knows…

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