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Catriona Thoolenis a member of the Palmer United Party (PUP). Below are two letters she sent to eleven newspapers during the 2013 election campaign but not one was willing to publish her letters unless she put them in as an ad and paid for the insertion. Any inference that she is a member of the PUP is obviously an invitation to get ignored. The letters offer suggestions on how to integrate asylum seekers into the Australian community.

I don’t know enough about the PUP to say if the suggestions put forward on refugees are part of their policy platform or simply Catriona’s personal views. I’m guessing the latter. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Catriona wrote to The AIMN asking if her letters could be published here. Well of course they can: that’s what the independent media is here for* if we agree with her opinions or not. Here are Catriona’s…

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