A letter to Bill Shorten

A good letter,worth filing.

The Australian Independent Media Network

Image courtesy of the conversation.com Image courtesy of the conversation.com

This letter by one of our readers, James Horton was sent not just to Bill Shorten but to The Age, The Australian, the Herald Sun and a copy to The AIMN. I publish it here as most of our readers, as well as myself, support onshore processing of asylum seekers.

Dear Bill,

I am writing to you as leader of the Opposition to ask you take a lead in undoing the harm being caused by our current asylum seeker policy, by rejecting off-shore processing and indefinite detention.

There is a human tragedy currently unfolding before us and you have an opportunity to re-embrace the values your party once stood for, by helping bring to a more timely end to a dark chapter in our country’s history. With each passing day, we are all the more diminished as a people and as a nation.

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