Message in a bottle

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Capitalist fundamentalists have taken over my country and are carrying out a jihad against anyone who earns less than $80,000.

They have enslaved our country and sent us all ‘down pit’.

They are eroding avenues for complaint or legal action.

They say they are advocates for free speech but they are in the process of silencing and capitalising the national broadcaster.

They are taking over our schools and preaching capitalist and militarist propaganda to our kids.

They are sending the poor and disabled to work in camps euphemistically named the Green Army.

They are airbrushing history by deleting speeches from the past.

They are bypassing democratically elected Members of Parliament and concentrating control to the Star Chamber.

The government is in thrall to the capitalist fundamentalists and have given them the power to make decrees.

Anyone who arrives in our country without a pass is being locked up in detention…

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