The TPP, Treaties and the Constitution

The Australian Independent Media Network

Will our sovereign rights be signed away with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (the TPP) Agreement? Matthew Mitchell examines the likelihood in this guest article.

Currently our government is negotiating the TPP with America (and other nations) in a secret process. This process and many proposed elements of the agreement have been universally condemned by civil society. In particular the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) system, which the Abbott government has indicated it may accept. The ISDS has been protested against by over 30 civil society organisations in Australia (in a letter published by AFTINET) and also by judges, lawyers and academics globally (in an open letter) arguing that it:

 “threatens to undermine the justice systems in our various countries”

And that:

“the increasing use of this mechanism to skirt domestic court systems and the structural problems inherent in the arbitral regime are corrosive of the rule of law and…

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