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NACCHO Aboriginal Health News Alerts


“On an individual level, exposure to racism is associated with psychological distress, depression, poor quality of life, and substance misuse, all of which contribute significantly to the overall ill-health experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Prolonged experience of stress can also have physical health effects, such as on the immune, endocrine and cardiovascular systems.”

Pat Anderson is chairwoman of the Lowitja Institute,Australia’s National Institute for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research (and a former chair of NACCHO) see her opinion article below

“If you (Indigenous patient) go to a health service and you’re made to feel unwelcome, or uncomfortable or not deserving or prejudged and there are lots of scenarios of Aborginal people being considered to be perhaps being seriously intoxicated when in fact they’ve been seriously ill.”

Romlie Mokak CEO Australian Indigenous Doctors Association

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It’s well known that Indigenous Australians have much lower life expectancy…

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How sick is this country.

The Australian Independent Media Network

beratiE ver since that day back in 2001 when the Norwegian freighter Tampa rescued asylum seekers from drowning and John Howard refused permission for them to disembark at an Australian port, the political landscape of our country changed. Because we the people endorsed that decision, we must accept responsibility for everything that has happened since. That John Howard’s legacy will be tainted forever by this one opportunistic decision and be the defining measure of his time as prime minister is something for him to contemplate. That we the people have, subsequent to that decision, forced both the major political parties to quiver in their shoes every time the media highlights the issue is something for us to contemplate.

On Q&A last Monday night, Jamie Briggs, Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development argued against his government’s culpability in the Manus Island murder of Reza Berati by reminding Labor Transport spokesperson…

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Truth Seekers Musings

The cost of justice?CT+F

I have to say that personally I feel very sad about the situation that Craig Thomson and his family find themselves in, as a result of the magistrates “Guilty” verdict.


And although I’ve never been a fan of Peter Slipper, (having said that, I did think he did a pretty good job as speaker, and was light years ahead of the current incompetent   :mrgreen:   )  I also feel for him and his family, for what they’ve been through at the hands of a manipulated political and legal system.


IMHO, both of these cases are symptomatic of a misused and broken system, fully exploited for maximum political gain… Now who would do such a thing?

The truth is that in this country, in the 21st century, the justice that’s available to each one of us is determined by;

  1. Who we know, and how well we’re…

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A good letter,worth filing.

The Australian Independent Media Network

Image courtesy of the Image courtesy of the

This letter by one of our readers, James Horton was sent not just to Bill Shorten but to The Age, The Australian, the Herald Sun and a copy to The AIMN. I publish it here as most of our readers, as well as myself, support onshore processing of asylum seekers.

Dear Bill,

I am writing to you as leader of the Opposition to ask you take a lead in undoing the harm being caused by our current asylum seeker policy, by rejecting off-shore processing and indefinite detention.

There is a human tragedy currently unfolding before us and you have an opportunity to re-embrace the values your party once stood for, by helping bring to a more timely end to a dark chapter in our country’s history. With each passing day, we are all the more diminished as a people and as a nation.

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Australia 2014.

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Telling Lies

Lying in Australian politics has reached an unprecedented level. The Prime Minister and his cabinet are taking lying to such depths that it is not disingenuous to suggest that they no longer have a moral compass or understanding of truth.

Some time ago I wrote the following in a piece titled. ‘’Abbott Tells Another One’’

‘’If this means I am saying he is a pathological liar then so be it. It’s not a nice thing to say about anyone but we are dealing with truth here. It’s not so much that he is a serial offender, he is. I think the electorate knows that and factors it in. The fact that he lies can and is easily supported by volumes of readily available, irrefutable evidence. (I can provide it if need be). However what is of equal concern is that the main stream media (the so called forth estate) who…

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What is the Abbott Government doing wrong? Many could argue long and hard over that question, but in this guest article Andreas Bimba points to their strong neo-liberalism as one of their main failings.

In December 2012 Toyota announced the opening of its new engine plant at Toyota Australia’s centralised manufacturing operations in Altona, a western suburb of Melbourne. This was a little more than a year ago. Although times were tough then with a historically high Australian dollar, a fragmented market, almost no trade protection and only moderate government co-investment (to partially compensate for relatively high Australian wages), Toyota must still have seen a future for the Australian automotive manufacturing industry.

These external negative factors have not really changed from one year ago. If anything, the Australian dollar has fallen so conditions should in reality be better.

What is different is the attitude of the current Federal Government, with…

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Capitalist fundamentalists have taken over my country and are carrying out a jihad against anyone who earns less than $80,000.

They have enslaved our country and sent us all ‘down pit’.

They are eroding avenues for complaint or legal action.

They say they are advocates for free speech but they are in the process of silencing and capitalising the national broadcaster.

They are taking over our schools and preaching capitalist and militarist propaganda to our kids.

They are sending the poor and disabled to work in camps euphemistically named the Green Army.

They are airbrushing history by deleting speeches from the past.

They are bypassing democratically elected Members of Parliament and concentrating control to the Star Chamber.

The government is in thrall to the capitalist fundamentalists and have given them the power to make decrees.

Anyone who arrives in our country without a pass is being locked up in detention…

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