I’ll see your GFC, and raise you a homegrown recession!

Truth Seekers Musings

I’ll see your GFC , and raise you a homegrown recession!

For the benefit of this post, I was going to rename Abbott… Nero, but the truth is that whereas Nero fiddled while Rome burned; while parts of Victoria and South Australia burned, our illustrious (and I use the term loosely) leader wasn’t playing “the fiddle”, although some would argue strongly that he’s always “on the fiddle”, instead he was MIA.   😯

Now I’m sure that it was very nice, skiing in France, while areas across the country were suffering the devastation of heat-waves and severe bushfire conditions.   But for someone who lied, cheated and practiced “Whatever it takes” to get the top job, and who appears to have spent more time on holidays, since taking up his new position, than he has actually working, one would think that he would at least put in an appearance for…

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