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AustraliaDayIf Australia can’t champion progressive reforms that make our country a better place for everyone, not just a few rich people, who can? If we can’t grow a collective will to restore dignity to the impoverished, to welcome desperate families from war torn countries or places of depraved persecution, to have an economy that provides stable jobs, and not just profit, what country in the world can possibly expect to beat us to it?

Australia Day is a good day to reflect on the privilege of being Australian. I’m not saying this is the best country in the world. It’s the only country I’ve ever lived in, so I’m not one to judge. But I can judge my own life experiences and say that I am incredibly lucky to be Australian. We are a rich country, we have (in the most part) a very pleasant climate, our cities are not…

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Never forget what this bastard and his team of true heathens,disguised as Christians,has done so far.This colostomy bag must go down.ASAP.

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Sally McManus is the Secretary of the Australian Services Union in NSW and the ACT.

She has been a campaigner and an organiser for more than 20 years and spends a lot of time doing and talking about organising and campaigning. Her blog is a comprehensive list of policy and other decisions taken by the Abbott Government. I cannot vouch for the veracity of the entire list (although I have no reason to doubt it) but I recommend it to those with an interest in how Tony Abbott intends changing Australia.

This is the list thus far and it is updated regularly:

86. Privatises the 104 year old Australian Valuation Office costing nearly 200 jobs – 24 January 2014
85. Seeks to wind back the World Heritage listing of Tasmania’s forests – 23 January 2014
84. Withdraws funding for an early intervention program to help vulnerable young people – 22…

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Very well written and oh so true.She took the words right out of my mouth.Must of been while I was eating her.

No Place For Sheep

Abbott Winker


One of the most telling revelations Tony Abbott has ever made about himself occurred in his chat with Annabel Crabb on ABCTV’s Kitchen Cabinet last week.

Describing the circumstances that led to his abandonment of theological studies and his goal to enter the Catholic priesthood, Abbott explained that while struggling with a 500 word essay on the desert fathers, he had a conversation with a mate who was about to leave for London to enable the satisfactory conclusion of a billion dollar business deal. Upon hearing his friend describe his venal life, Abbott experienced a Damascene moment. Christopher Pyne will tell you how to correctly pronounce that word.

What the hell, Abbott wondered, am I doing sitting in a seminary writing about the desert fathers, when I could be carving out a future for myself in the world of power, money, and fame?

Well, that’s not a verbatim report…

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With reports that Indonesia is strengthening its military to preserve its “territorial integrity and sovereignty” and that Australia is seen as their greatest threat, this guest post from Dr Strobe Driver is timely.  Those reports, chillingly, suggest that Australia’s “tow-back” policy may soon ignite conflict. Dr Driver argues the ball is – and has always been – in Abbott’s court.

Professor White of the ANU Strategic and Defence Studies Centre is right in his article in The Age, on 26 November, 2013: “Abbott playing with diplomatic fire in Asia.”  The level of incompetence shown by the Abbott Government in dealing with the Indonesian Government is staggering, and it will have repercussions.  The repercussions to which I allude, will incrementally be enforced as China rises and in turn, as Indonesia becomes more militarily robust.  The objective of the Abbott Government should be one of instilling stability in to the region and this…

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Truth Seekers Musings

I’ll see your GFC , and raise you a homegrown recession!

For the benefit of this post, I was going to rename Abbott… Nero, but the truth is that whereas Nero fiddled while Rome burned; while parts of Victoria and South Australia burned, our illustrious (and I use the term loosely) leader wasn’t playing “the fiddle”, although some would argue strongly that he’s always “on the fiddle”, instead he was MIA.   😯

Now I’m sure that it was very nice, skiing in France, while areas across the country were suffering the devastation of heat-waves and severe bushfire conditions.   But for someone who lied, cheated and practiced “Whatever it takes” to get the top job, and who appears to have spent more time on holidays, since taking up his new position, than he has actually working, one would think that he would at least put in an appearance for…

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The Day After tomorrow

Climate change deniers have been in a lather telling us that the severe cold snaps in North America provide undisputed evidence that global warming is, in the words of some, a load of crap. The North American weather is certainly the major talking point but apart from the deniers telling us that it is simply because global warming doesn’t exist, nobody has bothered to explain what has actually caused this unprecedented weather pattern.

Somebody apparently has, or did, a couple of days ago, but it has conveniently escaped the major news networks. The explanation by Eric Holthaus in the online Quartz magazine under the article titled ‘How global warming can make cold snaps even worse‘ (which will make a lot of sense to anyone who has seen the 2004 movie ‘The day after tomorrow‘ ) is worth repeating. Below is a condensed excerpt of the article:

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A true man of my heart.How I wish there were more people in this nation like He,true patroits that think more about an honest,just nation,governed by compassion rather than greed.

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Its time

We’re not in the habit of publishing our letters to the editor but there have been a few lately that demand a wider audience. The first of these appears below, written by a person I shall refer to as ‘He’.

He has written to The AIMN asking that we ramp up our efforts to bring the government and the Murdoch media to account. We wish we could. We wish we could do everything that He asks, but we don’t have the professional, financial or legal resources. Apart from requesting the impossible from The AIMN team, He has raised some very interesting points concerning the behaviour of the Murdoch media and the Government, in particular the unethical manner in which they conspired to deliver the election to Team Abbott.

He gives us much to think about. Here is his correspondence:

Letter to the AIMN Team:


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